A hundred watercolours in 100 days for environmental awareness

Marisa Pahl paints 1 of 100 watercolours. (Lito Howse)

Marisa Pahl paints 1 of 100 watercolours. (Lito Howse)

On January 1, Vancouver-based artist Marisa Pahl began a project entitled “This Wild Road” to paint 100 watercolours in 100 days.

The images are based on photos sent to her by environmental advocates.

The two-inch by two-inch paintings will be auctioned off with half of the proceeds being donated to the Pacific Wild, a BC-based environmental organization.

Painting-on-table-on-angle-edited-300x200 Some of Pahl’s paintings from the series “This Wild Road”. (Lito Howse)[/caption]

“I’m really interested in building giving into my business, and because the business is so fresh, it’s really easy,” said Pahl.

Pacific Wild aims to protect wildlife in the Great Bear Rainforest of BC. The group sought a judicial review of the wolf cull last week.

“I didn’t find another organization that is as compelling in their message and in the way that they engage people on an everyday basis,” Pahl explained, regarding her decision to support Pacific Wild.

In November and December Pahl began writing to environmental advocates she found inspiring, so as to make meaningful connections with people whose advocacy work she admires.

Pahl posts her progress to Instagram daily using the hashtag #thiswildroad and will be auctioning the paintings through Instagram as well. Her goal is to raise $5000 for the non-profit organization.

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