UBC pride events continue as planned after flag burning


The Pride Collective at UBC located in the Student Union Building. (Sherisse Roseboom)

Pride Collective at UBC now plans to go ahead with the rest of its OUTWeek events after cancelling their “F*** the Cis-tem” march yesterday.

The group cancelled their march after the discovery on Tuesday of their burnt rainbow flag on a school flag pole.

The march was to celebrate transgender identities and acknowledge the struggles they face.

“Typically trans and genderqueer do face elevated levels of violence, it just didn’t seem safe to have them [marching] because of the low numbers of attendance we were expecting and just because of how externally visible it was.” Emily Lim, Pride Collective at UBC


Engineers’ Cairn located on UBC Campus. (Sherisse Roseboom)

Signs of solidarity with the Pride Collective and LGBTQ+ students are appearing on and off the campus. The Engineers’ Cairn, a commonly vandalized cement structure on campus, has been painted to resemble a rainbow and with the words “Love Harder” painted on it as well.

“We have had additional people coming by to offer their support and stand in solidarity with us.” Emily Lim

The Collective has found an ally at City Hall.

Currently the RCMP are investigating the incident.

“We’re treating it as a crime obviously, we’re not sure of the scope of it yet. It could be a simple mischief or it could be a hate crime but like I said, we see no motivating factors towards a hate crime yet though.” Sgt. Drew Grainger UBC RCMP

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