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The following is a collection of some of my documentaries.
I shot and edited these pieces along with a couple of colleagues.

Virtual Queer Spaces


As the covid-19 pandemic hit, queer hangouts shuttered around the world. This documentary looks at the spaces queers created for community and fun amid physical isolation.

(Co-Edited by Lito Howse)

Drag Undefined


At one drag night in Vancouver, it's evident drag is not merely about performing the opposite gender, it's about playing with the concept of gender itself. (Co-produced by Lito Howse, Aziz Hajeri, Amy Quinton)

Unbinding Binary


This radio documentary focuses on individuals who identify as non-binary and are navigating their identities in a culture that still demands people be either male or female.
(Produced by Lito Howse & Aziz Hajeri)

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