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Lito a Toronto-based photographer who enjoys a range of genres including portraits, events and observational. They also aim to document queer and trans community.

A Conversation with Elliot Page

Lito Howse interviewed Elliot Page while he was on his book tour for Page Boy. At a time when straight media seemed preoccupied with the celebrity sex aspects of his book, Lito was  be able to ask question that mattered more to out queer community.

Shooting. Editing. Storytelling.

When the pandemic hit, Lito began shooting interviews on their iPhone.​

Queer Artists in a Pandemic is a series they pitched to where they interviewed queer artists in Toronto, Canada about how they adapted their art amid a pandemic.

As the world rapidly shutdown to stem the spread of COVID-19, DJs and nightlife hosts pivoted from holding

in-person events to creating online parties. This documentary produced by Xtra Magazine looks at the queers at the forefront of these virtual queer spaces.

Digging deeper into the story.

Lito has tackled an array of issues as an investigative journalist, including technology, politics and sports. They are  also very interested in exploring stories about marginalized communities in ways that are accessible to all audiences.



Lito Howse is a Canadian, queer and trans/non-binary identified photographer, editor and videographer based in Toronto, Canada.


They currently produce interviews and videos for Xtra Magazine.


Their work has also appeared in television and web stories for CBC News and CBC Radio Digital.

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