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Shooting. Editing. Storytelling.

When the pandemic hit, my usual work slowed down so I started shooting videos on my iPhone.

Queer Artists in a Pandemic is a series I pitched to where I interviewed queer artists in Toronto, Canada about how they adapted their art amid the covid pandemic.

As the world rapidly shutdown to stem the spread of COVID-19, DJs and nightlife hosts pivoted from holding

in-person events to creating online parties. This documentary produced by Xtra Magazine looks at the queers at the forefront of these virtual queer spaces.

When the pandemic hit, 

Digging deeper into the story.

I have tackled an array of issues as an investigative journalist, including technology, politics and sports. I am also very interested in exploring stories about marginalized communities in ways that are accessible to all audiences.

Playful edits for fun videos

Lucky Stars with Thomas and Tranna is series I stylized after the Psychic Friends Network and vaporwave/synthwave. I also use simple 3D graphics and vector drawings to punch up the jokes with playful edits.

Most of my web articles are for CBC Radio. I find new angles to the radio segments that go to air on shows like The Current.

I also write articles about beer for The Growler, which can be found on other Glacier Media outlets (I am a beer nerd who has spent years brewing at home and have some experience in breweries as well).


I’ve been in the control room a lot and

I am a Canadian, queer and non-binary identified videographer, editor and producer based in Toronto, Canada.


I currently produces and edits numerous video series for Xtra Magazine including Queer Artists in a Pandemic, Lucky Stars and Speed Date.


I also write television and web stories for CBC News and CBC Radio Digital.

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