Journalist Portfolio

Digging deeper into the story.

I have tackled an array of issues as an investigative journalist, including technology, politics and sports. I am also very interested in exploring stories about marginalized communities in ways that are accessible to all audiences.


Shooting. Editing. Storytelling.

I enjoy making visual pieces that draw viewers in and tell a quick, engaging story.

I love to shoot the pieces myself when the circumstances allow for it, but I am always happy to dive into some archival footage or sift through subscription images.

Most of my web articles are for CBC Radio. I find new angles to the radio segments that go to air on shows like The Current.

I also write articles about beer for The Growler, which can be found on other Glacier Media outlets (I am a beer nerd who has spent years brewing at home and have some experience in breweries as well).


I currently produce and write for national daily television news.
I produce investigative television news segments

as well as an assortment of digital, radio and video pieces.
You can find me in Toronto, Canada.

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